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No. 1 Whitetail in Kansas

No. 1 Whitetail in Kansas

By Patrick Dunning

When row crop farmer Darin Williams realized he had a world-class buck passing through the back of his Coffey County farm in June 2022, he figured his best bet at harvesting the deer was if he gave it a reason to stay.

Darin now holds his home state’s #1 spot in BTR’s irregular category for crossbow-taken bucks by 7 inches, which puts him in good company considering its his first outing with a crossbow.

He bought a Raven R29X specifically for this buck and planted 8 acres of winter peas and triticale last summer, trying to move deer farther into the property and hopefully get a crack at what he and his buddies nicknamed, Megatron. 

Darin said this deer got to within 8 yards of his Redneck blind on an active afternoon in November during the heat of Kansas’ rut.

No. 1 Whitetail in Kansas“I’ve been planning for this shot since June, praying and hoping I could keep him on my property,” Darin told Buckmasters. “You’re lucky if you ever get a chance at a deer like this. I almost gave up on him because I hadn’t seen him in three weeks. He was just a phantom. I got a solo picture of him that morning and was fired up. It was one of those magical evenings.”

Buckmasters scorer Wayne Cox measured this new BTR state record at the Kansas Big Buck Classic in January. The total was 244 1/8 inches!

You can read the full story of Megatron’s rise and fall in the Rut issue of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine coming out in October 2023.

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