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Today's hunting sportsmen face liabilities far different than in days past, when finding game and putting food on the table was the sportsman's main concern, and a landowner worried very little if friends or neighbors hunted on his property. Today, many hunting clubs and landowners feel the risk of these new liabilities. Therefore, hunting clubs either carry, or landowners require their leasing hunting clubs to carry liability insurance.


This plan offers the kind of liability insurance protection you want and need. With the buying power of over 325,000 Buckmasters subscribers, we are able to make these rates available to you! For more information call 1.800.240.7283, ext. 1 today.

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Member vs. Member Coverage
  • Guest Medical Payments
  • Damage to Premise Rented to You - $100,000
  • No Deductibles


At Buckmasters we realize times have changed. We also realize that people's desire to experience the excitement of the outdoors remains as strong as ever. So we have arranged, through Southeastern Insurance, LLC, to help provide a level of protection that will assure the sportsman and landowner adequate coverage. That way, you can concern yourselves with more important things, like finding game and putting food on the table.


  • $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate
  • No deductible
  • Simple application process
  • Liability insurance enhances ability to lease properly
  • For a nominal fee, landowners can be listed on the certificate
  • Low minimum premium
  • Club members are afforded coverage
  • Medical payments are available to guests
  • An A+ rated American insurance company
  • Available to all clubs who lease land for hunting

Available in all states!

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