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New Script Followed

New Script Followed

By Ken Piper

When two hunters are after the same giant buck, at least one will be disappointed.

It's rare that a giant buck is taken out of the blue these days. Trail cameras have rewritten the script, but the stories are no less compelling. In fact, they often have a background or history that was lacking in giant deer tales of years past.

It usually goes something like this: The hunter gets a trail camera picture of a very promising buck. They have a few encounters over a period of a few years as the buck grows and the hunter becomes that much more obsessed. Finally, fate brings the two together, and the rest, as they say, is history.

You can argue the merits and shortcomings of trail cameras, but their capability of providing a visual record of a buck as it grows from something good to something great is a big plus.

Clint Connor's story of a buck he named Kickers is a great example of the new script, trail-camera history and all.

The details of how he got this 198-inch Kentucky giant will be in the fall issue of Rack magazine.

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