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By Ken Piper

It can be tough to juggle work and family life these days. Add in deer season, and things really get hectic.

Prioritizing your time and deciding when you can get away to hunt is difficult, but when your wife calls and says she's going into labor, you get out of the tree as fast as you can! That's a no-brainer, even during the archery opener.

That's what happened to Alex Omid Soltani on Sept. 26 of 2021. Alex didn't hesitate to rush to the hospital and welcome his new son into the world, but it did put a major kink in his quest to tag a particular giant buck he'd been after for several years.

Alex did the right thing and stayed home with his wife and newborn until Mrs. Soltani finally told him to get out and get some fresh air.

It would take almost another month, but Alex was eventually rewarded for his persistence. You can read the details of this 174 6/8-inch buck by visiting here.

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