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Deep South Hunting Camps

Phone: 334-422-0988
88 Sunflower Lane (97.93 mi)
Linden, AL 36748




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Alabama and Mississippi Hunts

The farm in Marengo County, Alabama is approximately 500 Acres. It consists of a hayfield, mature Pine, young Pine, clear cuts, large hardwood bottom, and 6 greenfield. It consists of 11 stands.

One of the The Sumter County, Alabama Farm is made up of 359 Acres of mature Timber of pines and large Hardwood bottoms. This piece of land has five green fields with 9 stands.

The other Sumter County, Alabama Farm is 220 acres of mature timber with a large hardwood bottom. It has 4 green fields and 8 stands. This tract is for 2 adult hunters.

The Lauderdale County, Mississippi tract is 390 Acres made up of pines, cutovers, and creeks. It has 10 stands and 10 feeders. This land also consist of five green fields.

All four of these farms and their adjoining lands are private and managed for mature deer with healthy deer herds. We strive to produce bucks from the 120 to 170 range. We have killed multiple bucks each year from the 120 to 150 range. And have larger bucks on camera.

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