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Dean Dwernychuk Buck

Dean Dwernychuk Buck

By Buckmasters Online

Dean Dwernychuk of Calgary, Alberta, had established tree and ground blinds in five strategic locations around the perimeter of an alfalfa field west of Calgary. He had been within bow range of excellent bucks on several occasions, but some minor complication always prohibited a shot.

On Sept. 25, 1984, he prepared again for the hunt with renewed hope, even as an early snowstorm was brewing. The wind was fiercely cold, forcing Dean and his hunting partner, Ed, to take shelter in an abandoned granary at the center of the alfalfa field.

The bucks often fed and watered at a dug-out hole a mere 10 yards from that hiding spot.

Soon enough, Dean spotted several bucks jumping the fence onto the field. The last one to cross was a massive tangle-horned giant. As expected, the whitetails began feeding toward the granary.

With their hearts in their throats, the two men lay on the granary floor for 20 minutes, watching the bucks move ever closer. During those tense minutes, Dean and Ed quietly discussed a risky one-shot deal.

When the two best bucks were within shooting range, they would crawl to the nearest window, kneel, draw their bows, rise and shoot. There was no way to anticipate which buck either man would shoot.

While they were inching their way across the floor, they heard a sudden clash of antler against antler. They couldn’t believe their ears.

The men, Dean on the left and Ed on the right, rose and drew their bows. Standing broadside before them, battling for dominance, was the massive irregular buck and a great 8-pointer. The deer’s positions determined who would shoot which.

Both arrows hit their marks.

They recovered Ed’s 8-pointer first. Dean’s buck ran about 90 yards. He managed to walk within 20 yards of the fallen monarch to administer a coup de grace.

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Hunter: Dean Dwernychuk
BTR Official Score: 232 2/8
BTR Composite Score: 250 2/8
Weapon: Compound Bow
Category: Irregular
Location: Cochrane AB
Date: September 25, 1984

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