Scorer’s Handbook

Scorer's Handbook

Buckmasters Antler Scoring Handbook

The Buckmasters scoring system is based on the method of evaluating white-tailed deer antlers developed by Russell Thornberry, who recognized that other scoring systems' symmetry-based formulas often were like shaving square pegs to fit into round holes.

Thornberry's system first appeared in print in "Trophy Deer in Alberta," published in 1982. Adopted by Buckmasters in the mid-1990s, the Full-Credit Scoring System abandons the punitive pursuit of symmetry and simply gives a rack credit for the full amount of antler present.

Click here to download the pdf version of the handbook.

In the book you will find information on:

• Philosophy
• Four Classifications of Antlers
• Comparing Antlers
• Using the Measuring Tools
• Classifying Points
• Interpreting Types of Points
• Scoring Instructions
• Completing the Scoresheet
• Minimum Scores / Code of Ethics Affidavits
• Entry Requirements
• Becoming an Official Scorer

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