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Clifford Pickell Buck

Clifford Pickell Buck

By Buckmasters Online

In mid­-October, 1968, Wichita bowhunter Clifford Pickell took several shots at a gorgeous buck. Only one of his arrows hit it, high in the shoulder.

Cliff crossed paths with the same buck in November. He was disappointed there was no opportunity for a do-over, but happy the deer had survived their first encounter.

Their third meeting occurred on Dec. 1, the last day of the season.

Cliff had climbed onto a tree limb 10 feet off the ground. It was so cold that he feared he might grow numb enough to fall out of the tree.

At 7:00, he saw a young forkhorn – fair game in his book – across the nearby river. The animal never came close enough, however.

Unlike the 4-pointer, the giant buck in its wake actually crossed the river and followed the main trail that wound toward Cliff’s tree. When it was within 20 yards, it stopped and lowered its head.

Cliff launched an arrow moments later, and the lung-shot whitetail didn’t travel far.

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Hunter: Clifford Pickell
BTR Official Score: 237 4/8
BTR Composite Score: 257 3/8
Weapon: Recurve Bow
Category: Irregular
Location: Greenwood Co. Kansas
Date: December 31, 1968

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