Top Bow Championship

7 the Hard Way

Luck had nothing to do with shooter’s seventh world title.

Joseph Goza did the improbable, not just in winning his seventh Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Championship, but also by making it two in a row, and further because he came from the elimination bracket to do it – again.

While Joseph is a great and gracious champion, you had to feel bad for runner-up Tim Gillingham. He also repeated history by falling to the champion after going through the entire tournament four-day undefeated and then losing twice in the last 10 minutes.

“I don’t know, but I think maybe going to the elimination bracket is the way to win this thing,” Goza said. “I really wasn’t shooting that well, and I told my wife there was no way I was going to win. Then, when I dropped into the elimination bracket and had those few extra rounds of shooting, I could feel my confidence coming back, and I found my groove.”

And boy, did he find it. Goza missed just one target in the first match against Gillingham, and then he shot a perfect score in the second. There wasn’t much Gillingham could do.

7 the Hard Way“I guess I’ll just have to come back next year and try again,” he said.

2019 Top 12 Place Finishers:
12) Randy Barley
11) Ryler Chubb
10) Alex Ballenger
9) Daniel Simpson
8) Luke Parker
7) Randy Hendrix
6) Skipper Booth
5) Justin Martin
4) Patrick Griffith
3) Brandon Sheehan
2) Tim Gillingham
1) Joseph Goza

2020 Top Bow Information:

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