Host A Banquet

Host A Banquet

Buckmasters is keenly aware of the hunter’s role in wildlife conservation and the awesome responsibility of stewardship that rests on our shoulders.

So, to give organized opportunity to all outdoorsmen and women who want to stand up for the future of wildlife and the sport of hunting, Buckmasters created the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation (BADF). This is a non profit 501(C)(3) corporation, through which funding and collective human effort can be channeled for the good of wildlife and mankind alike. All proceeds raised at each Buckmasters Banquet, with the exception of the Buckmasters membership cost, directly benefit BADF and are its primary source of revenue. BADF uses these monies to support its nationwide conservation and compassionate programs.

The decision to host a Buckmasters Banquet is not a difficult one to make. By hosting a Buckmasters Banquet, your chapter brings together Buckmasters members from your area and introduces non-members to this great association. The purpose of the banquets is two-fold: To grow Buckmasters in strength through membership, which means more financial support for BADF projects; and to allow each banquet participant to invest in the conservation and stewardship of white-tailed deer and all wildlife, while lending a helping hand to those in need.

When you start a Buckmasters chapter and host a Buckmasters Banquet, you not only become a representative of BADF and Buckmasters, but, more importantly, you and the members of your chapter will also become role models in your community and ambassadors for sportsmen everywhere. Your efforts will touch many, building bridges between the hunting and the non-hunting public, standing strong for future generations to cross.

To start a One Shot Chapter in your area, call ShelLee Swain at 1-800-240-3337 ext 235. She will help you get started on the most enjoyable and worthwhile undertaking you can find in the deer hunting world.

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