Buckmasters On TV

Buckmasters Television Series

Buckmasters On TV

The Buckmasters television series is the longest-running hunting show in history, focusing on thrilling hunts while sprinkling in a little education.

Buckmasters began airing on TNN in 1988, rapidly becoming one of the most popular shows on the network. Not only was it the first deer hunting show on cable, it was the first hunting show of any kind on TNN. It wasn't long before other hunting shows began to appear on cable. Jackie Bushman led the way. Buckmasters is still being produced today and airs on Outdoor Channel.

The Jackie Bushman Show

Buckmasters On TV

The Jackie Bushman Show is a new concept in outdoors entertainment.

This program features some of the most intense hunting footage shot in North America, but, unlike other shows, it doesn’t end with the hunt. Jackie hosts interviews with various celebrities and his crew to discuss great hunting moments that have defined Buckmasters since it exploded onto American TV screens in 1988. This flip side to conventional hunting shows proves that our cameras are always running, even when the adventures become misadventures for Jackie and his guests. The Jackie Bushman Show airs on Sportsman Channel.

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