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Rope a Step

Rope a Step

By Ken Piper

Start your tree sticks higher by using this nearly weightless rope hack.

This week we're following up on our previous tip about using Amsteel rope for tree step attachment.

Amsteel has a ton of applications, but one simple trick anyone can use to extend the height capability of their tree sticks is to create (or purchase) an Amsteel bottom loop step.

Using a nearly weightless loop as your bottom step allows you to start your first stick higher off the ground, possibly eliminating the need for an additional stick, or at the least increasing the height you can go before running out of steps.

I purchased the step in this week's picture for $15, but you can make your own for less. You can even customize your step gap.

The Amsteel is versatile and strong enough that you can make or buy double- or even triple-steps for the bottom of your sticks. I'm not comfortable using more than one rope step, but you might be.

If you want to make your own, also get a section of thick-walled hose to keep your step somewhat rigid and give it more grip.

Visit here to see where I purchased my step.

You can purchase raw Amsteel rope there to make your own steps and anchors, too.

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