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Know Before You Mow

Know Before You Mow

By Ken Piper

Habitat improvement projects are arguably the most powerful yet underutilized tool for growing healthier deer and holding them on your property. You can accomplish great gains with little more that sweat equity and a chainsaw.

That said, now isn't the best time to create large disturbances on your hunting land. Yes, the weather might be perfect, and you probably want to get as much done as possible before summer temperatures kick into full gear, but don't forget about the newborns.

Know Before You MowTiming varies somewhat throughout the country, but spring is when whitetails drop their fawns, and turkeys nest and lay eggs. A fawn's only real defense mechanism is to remain motionless, even with danger close by. And turkeys tend to choose nest sites in areas prone to see hunter activity like on or near food plots or other openings in the canopy.

If you're mowing or thinning trees in late spring, there's a real chance you'll impact both whitetails and turkeys with your activity.

As much as we encourage improving your land for wildlife, try to get an earlier start next year, or wait until later.


We'd like to give a quick shout-out to Tip subscriber Bruce Greene. Bruce emailed regarding a recent tip about tarsal glands and said he's been using them for years.

'I have had tarsal gland bring bucks in, and I've had the glands spook deer away,' Bruce said. 'I also used to carry a very large syringe, and when I harvested a doe I would extract her urine from her bladder and use it during future hunts with the same results.'

Thanks for the feedback and tip, Bruce!

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