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Not the New Black

Not the New Black

By Ken Piper

Camo accessories hide from you more than from deer.

A few decades ago, I found the most amazing branch clipper I'd ever used. It utilized a ratchet system and could trim shooting lanes with less effort than any other hand trimmer I had ever tried. It was expensive compared to other trimmers, but I splurged and even paid a few dollars more the camouflage version.

Big mistake.

The trimmer is awesome, but I've literally spent hours looking for the darned thing after dropping it. It even spent an entire winter outside in the leaves after I dropped it and couldn't find it following an at-home trimming project.

When it came time to finally replace the handy trimmer, I purchased the original fluorescent yellow version.

The lesson I learned was camouflage is great for hunting clothing and absolutely dreadful for hunting accessories. If it can be dropped, don't buy it in camo. Keep that in mind the next time you're in the market for a trimmer, flashlight, rangefinder, knife or any handheld accessory you might drop.

As much as camo can be a hunter's badge of honor, it's best on clothing.

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