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Foaming at the Mouth

Foaming at the Mouth

By Ken Piper

Don't get mad. Instead, take precautions to protect your broadheads.

I was fortunate to shoot a beautiful buck last year, but one thing I struggled with throughout the hunt was getting my arrows into and out of my quiver without deploying the expandable heads. I had failed to do something someone taught me long ago, and that is to carve out the slots in the quiver foam.

It doesn't matter if you're shooting an expandable with O-rings or clips, the pressure/friction on the blades as you push the broadhead into the foam at the top of your quiver can cause the broadhead to open up. I don't want to be messing with O-rings or clips in a treestand, and I surely don't want to pull out an arrow for a follow-up shot only to find out the blades are flopping around.

One way to keep this problem to a minimum is to cut out some of the foam around the manufacturer's broadhead cutouts. Cut enough foam that the broadheads slides in and out very easily. The friction from the grippers on the other end of the quiver should be enough to keep the arrow from sliding out. You only need enough foam to keep the broadhead from rattling around, so minimal contact is necessary.

It's a good idea to trim the foam even if you're using fixed-blade heads. It's incredible how much you can dull a blade by putting it into and pulling it out of the foam. The less contact your fixed-broadhead blades have with anything, the better.

Here's another quick foam-related tip: Keep a few O-rings or broadhead clips in a tiny plastic bag tucked between the foam and the plastic shell of the quiver. Don't carry your entire extra collection, but have one or two handy in case Murphy's Law rears its ugly head and you find yourself with flopping broadhead blades.

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