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Gear Review

Gear Review

By Realtree’s Bill Jordan

This is a great time to get your stuff in order for the coming seasons.

Now is the time to consider the upcoming hunting season – and the gear you will be using. Some gear will need repair and other gear will need to be replaced. That’s a good place to start sorting your stuff – a “fix-it” pile and a “replace-it” pile.

Don’t trust your memory; make lists of what you need to do in a logical order. For instance, gun or bow repair, arrow replacement, boot repair and ordering new camo or other durable items can and should be done right now. However, batteries for your flashlight, trail cameras, rangefinders or electronic gear should be replaced just before the season.

The various scent products have definite shelf lives. Old scent may not be as potent or might smell entirely different from when it was fresh. Discard any scents that were opened the previous season.

Just taking a bit of time to think things through now will save you from that last-minute scramble just before the season opens.

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