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Turkey Time!

Turkey Time!

By Ken Piper

It’s not deer hunting, but it’s still a whole lot of fun and excitement.

Turkey seasons are either under way or about to begin throughout most of the states that deer hunters call home. Whether it’s because calling turkeys seems intimidating or because they simply have never done it, far too many deer hunters don’t take advantage of this thrilling and fun hunting opportunity.

First, you don’t have to be a great caller, and you don’t have to use a mouth call (although that does seem really cool, right?). Get a box call, listen to a few hen yelps online, practice a little and head out. That’s it. Sure, you’ll make mistakes, but you weren’t an expert deer hunter the first few dozen times you went out, were you?

Even if you don’t take your spring turkey hunting too seriously, there are many benefits to be gained for the fall deer season. First, you’ll still be able to see much of the sign left from the previous fall’s rut. You can explore areas you were afraid to enter where you didn’t want to disturb deer, and you’ll get a better handle on how deer are using your land.

Next, turkey hunting is a great excuse to pull any stands you left in the woods. Hunt until mid-morning, and then if you don’t get into any turkeys, gather your stands. Treestands cost too much to let them out in the elements all year. They’ll last much longer if you take them home and store them in a garage or shed. That goes double for ground blinds, although you might want to use a ground blind for turkey hunting (check your state’s regulations, please). Oh, and don’t forget to pull any trail cameras you left out.

Finally, turkey hunting can be a great activity for a youngster. Again, if you’re not too serious about getting a turkey, it’s a great opportunity to take a kid out and teach them about deer (and turkey) sign. The weather is usually more pleasant than it is in deer season, and you’ll be relaxed and not worried about messing up your best stands.

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