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Nonresidents can sign up May 15-June 30 for unused nonresident license

Nonresidents can sign up May 15-June 30 for unused nonresident license

By Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Beginning May 15, and running through June 30, nonresident hunters can register for the Alternate’s List on MyFWP for an unused nonresident combination license (big game, general elk and general deer combination licenses). The licenses were returned by customers, and  Fish, Wildlife & Parks resells the returned licenses through the Alternate’s List.

The Alternate’s List is an option for nonresident hunters to express their interest to purchase one of the returned licenses by registering their on this listing. A hunter can register to purchase their choice of only one nonresident combination license per year (big game, general elk, or general deer combination licenses). The list is randomized in mid-July.

The hunter in the uppermost randomized position on the list will be contacted by email in August to finalize the purchase of the license, until the returned NR combo licenses are eventually exhausted.

Payment for the license fee is not required to sign up for the Alternate’s List. If an applicant’s randomized position falls at the top of the listing, they will be contacted by email with instructions on how to complete the purchase of the license. Being on this list or obtaining a license from this list has no effect on an applicant’s existing preference points.

MyFWP also allows hunters to check where their position lands on the Alternate’s List after the randomization process occurs in mid-July. Applicants can check back after then.

The odds of getting a license from these lists vary greatly from year to year. Refunds and issuance may occur at any time after mid-July, but availability of these licenses increase between early fall and the opening of general hunting season in late October.

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