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Deer hunting access permit applications now open

Deer hunting access permit applications now open

By Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The deer hunting access permit application period opened July 15 and will close Aug. 15. Some hunters may need to apply for a limited-hunt access permit to hunt in some areas.

Universal antlerless licenses are available for purchase over the counter without an application.

Upper Peninsula deer hunters: In the central part of the Upper Peninsula, new deer management units 351 and 352 will require an antlerless deer hunting access permit AND a universal antlerless deer license to hunt antlerless deer.

DMU 351 is made up of DMUs 021, 349, 249, 149, 017 and 117. DMU 352 is made up of DMUs 027, 036, 152 and 252. See page 60 in the 2022 Hunting Digest for a map of the DMUs. 1,000 access permits will be available in each of these two DMUs.

One antlerless deer hunting access permit for the DMU selected to hunt, plus one universal antlerless deer license is required for each deer harvested.

All hunters will need to hunt antlerless deer in DMUs 022, 122, 055, 155, 255 and 121 in the U.P. is a universal antlerless deer license.

DMUs 127, 066, 031, 131, 042, 007 and 048 in the northern part of the U.P. are closed to antlerless hunting.

Lower Peninsula deer hunters participating in a reserved deer hunt at Sharonville State Game Area, Shiawassee River National Wildlife Refuge or Shiawassee River State Game Area, will need to apply for a reserved deer hunt access permit.

Purchase access permit applications for $5 from license agents or online during the application period.

Hunters can learn more in the 2022 Hunting Digest. Questions? Contact DNR Wildlife Division at (517)284-9453.

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