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Millennium Antler Shak 7 MAG

Millennium’s new Antler Shak 7 MAG Hub Blind adds even more quality hunting options to Millennium’s legendary product lineup.

The company’s first hub-style blind, the Antler Shak 7 MAG Hub Blind is packed with innovative features that provide maximum visibility, concealment and comfort throughout the hunting season.

The blind features Full-View mesh panels, providing 270-degree panoramic views while preventing animals from seeing the hunter inside.

The bind sports Silent-Slide Windows and clip door closures that help keep hunters quiet and concealed. Integrated brush loops help the blind blend into any environment.

Additionally, the blind is constructed with heavy-duty, double-sided fabric and reinforced corners and stitching for maximum durability and longevity.

Dimensions are 5’10” high and 5’x5’ diameter. Ground states and a storage backpack are included.

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