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G5 Mark Series

As the leading manufacturer of archery equipment and design, G5 Outdoors is proud to announce that they will now be offering premium hunting arrows. The Mark Series from G5 are precision machined to excel in the field for serious bowhunters.

The G5 Outdoors Mark Series consists of the Mark 203 and Mark 244, both models reflecting two different arrow diameter options depending on a hunter’s preference. The Mark Arrows are constructed with 100% high modulus carbon. A unique 3-layer construction centers around a base layer with 2 layers of unidirectional carbon at 90 degrees. The mid layer has 2-4 layers of unidirectional carbon at 0 degrees, and the outer layer is a 3K woven carbon.

The Mark Series is comprised of 100% American-made G5 inserts and bushings that provide an enhanced fit that results in superior durability and performance.

The Mark 203 has a machined aluminum half-out insert paired with a machined aluminum sleeve to boost protection on the front of the shaft. The bushing of the Mark 203 is also machined aluminum to prevent damage to the back of the shaft. This is finished with a Bohning F Nock and fletched with Bohning Blazer Vanes.

The Mark 244 has a machined aluminum insert designed for ease of installation and durability. The bushing mirrors the Mark 203 for increased durability and is capped off with the same Bohning F Nock.

The G5 Mark Series arrows are built on 250, 300, 350 or 400 spines to accommodate virtually all bowhunters. A huge focus on durability hasn’t sacrificed the performance of the 203 and 244 Mark. Whether you’re a treestand whitetail hunter or a western elk hunter, G5 arrows will find their mark for you this upcoming hunting season.

* 250, 300, 350 and 400 Spines
* 203 and 244 Diameters
* +/- .001 Arrow Straightness Tolerance
* +/- .02 GPI Weight Tolerance
* MSRP: Mark 203 - $114.95 (6 pk) and Mark 244 - $94.95 (6 pk)

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