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Remington Premier Bismuth

Remington Ammunition introduces Premier Bismuth loads as both waterfowl and upland hunters begin to prepare for the 2022 seasons.

Loaded with deadly HEVI-BISMUTH, the dense-blended shot flies further with an increased retained energy compared to steel, giving hunters greater performance at longer distances.

Premier Bismuth is loaded with top-tier Remington components and is just as lethal in the marsh as it is chasing pheasants.

* All-season load for waterfowl or upland hunts
* Superior to steel. 22% more dense, with 44% more downrange energy
* Safe to shoot in vintage shotguns
* Loaded with HEVI-BISMITH, which is proudly alloyed and cast in the USA
* Lead-free, 9.64/cc density
* Available in 12, 20, 16, 28GA as well as .410 bore

“Remington hunters demand the absolute best from our ammo, and we are really excited to offer Premier Bismuth for the 2022 hunting seasons,” said Joel Hodgdon, Remington’s Director of Marketing. “HEVI-BISMUTH has proven so valuable in the field. High-density and smaller shot sizes deliver more pellets per payload, giving shooters an added edge in the field, whether you are shooting ducks or downing upland game.”

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