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Bushnell Broadhead

Bushnell, an industry leader in performance optics, is excited to announce the availability of the most precise laser rangefinder of its era - the new Broadhead Laser Rangefinder. Meticulously engineered for industry-leading precision and +/- 0.3-yard accuracy out to 150 yards on any target, the Broadhead Laser Rangefinder is the perfect option for archers and bowhunters as they set their sights on the upcoming season.

Now available for purchase online or at your local archery supply store, the Broadhead builds on Bushnell’s legacy of developing the most advanced rangefinders for today’s outdoor enthusiasts. At its core, the Broadhead is tailored around short-range accuracy for archers who need to know exact distances. The Broadhead’s 0.3-yard accuracy has been tested to deliver consistent ranges on any target, such as 3D targets and animal hides, regardless lighting or reflectivity. And combined with +/- one-degree angle accuracy, it leaves no doubt about a bowhunter’s precise range to target.

With its high-definition, all-glass, fully multi-coated optical system with a 50% larger objective lens, the Broadhead delivers images two times brighter than similar rangefinders. This ensures bright, true-to-life colors for easier recognition of game, and makes the Broadhead as effective at sunrise as it is at midday. Additionally, the built-in ACTIVSYNC display automatically changes from black in bright light to red in low-light conditions, so users can always see their readings. Beyond 150 yards, the Broadhead can range animals out to 500 yards, trees out to 800 yards, and has a max range of 1,500 yards on reflective targets with +/- one-yard accuracy.

The Broadhead comes equipped with Scan mode for constant ranges when holding down the range button, as well as near/far target modes to allow users to home in on targets while ignoring objects in the foreground and background. The rangefinder also comes equipped with ARC (Angle Range Compensation) technology, which accounts for terrain angle in the field and gives bowhunters the “real” effective range on challenging uphill and downhill shots.

The Broadhead rangefinder includes a built-in tripod mount and lanyard holes so users have multiple setup options to keep the rangefinder secure and stable. A metal threaded battery door can be found on the bottom of the rangefinder and a CR2 battery is included so the Broadhead is ready right out of the box.

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