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Big and J Persimmon BB2

Many hunters know that if a persimmon tree is dropping ripe fruit, deer will typically be found feeding underneath it. The wild persimmon is one of the white-tailed deer's favorite foods. When deer smell this magical fruit, they leave every other food source to get to this delicacy. With the release of Big and J's Persimmon Flavored BB2, the wait to enjoy a once-a-year persimmon that has fallen from a tree is no more.

Big and J Industries, one of the leaders in deer attractants, is proud to introduce a new flavor of the popular BB2 long-range attractant, the new persimmon flavor. Big and J BB2 has become many hunters' secret weapon for attracting deer from a longer range with its powerful aroma. BB2 is not an ordinary deer attractant. It has a high TDN (total digestible nutrition) that is higher than most premium feeds and has a higher level of protein, promoting antler growth, with BB2 original, apple flavor, and now persimmon flavor. BB2 continues to expand its flavors to best suit the palate of the deer near you.

The New Persimmon flavored BB2 allows deer to be drawn in from a more extended range because of the powerful aroma of fresh persimmons. When hunters want to attract deer to a specific area for hunting, trail cameras, or to establish new feeding patterns, persimmon flavored BB2 will be the preferred food source over others.

* Protein-based formula promotes antler growth
* Keeps deer on a property during the season and all year long
* High TDN (total digestible nutrition)
* Intense natural aroma of persimmon

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