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Traditions .45 Caliber

For 2022, Traditions Performance Firearms is adding .45 caliber muzzleloader and accessory options into their product line. While already carrying the largest line up of muzzleloading products and accessories, the addition of .45 caliber options is a need Traditions has seen in the marketplace.

“We’re excited to bring 45 caliber back into our line” says Ryan Nicholas, VP of Sales, “We have heard the desire for 45 caliber options. The caliber shoots flatter and at a higher velocity so it offers an option to those who are looking for a more precise shooting experience. We’re including the 45 caliber option on popular models so we feel this will provide more options for the hunter and shooter.”

Traditions will have 45 caliber models available in both the popular Vortek StrikerFire series and the mid-level Pursuit XT series. Both series have been part of the Traditions® line for several years and have evolved as new technology and options have been added.

To support these models, Traditions will also be offering accessories in 45 caliber.

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