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WASP Mortem

WASP Archery, one of the longest standing most innovative broadhead companies, announces a new Fixed Blade Broadhead available only through Dealers and Pro Shops. The Wasp Mortem was designed to enhance the invaluable one-on-one experience and personal touch only a small dealer can offer.

The Mortem has a one-piece stainless-steel ferrule topped with a solid, one-piece hardened stainless steel TROCAR tip. Three stainless steel .032” blades yield a razor-sharp 1-1⁄8” cutting diameter, and the edges of the TROCAR Tip are perfectly in line with the blades, enhancing penetration, providing excellent wound channel generation and massive blood trails. Hyper Aerodynamic flight characteristics, accuracy, strength and durability all built into a single broadhead. The Mortem is where the quality of Wasp Archery meets the expertise of your local archery professional.

Typical of all WASP fixed blade broadheads, the Mortem is designed with superior flight characteristics and the low-profile design provides excellent long range accuracy especially with today’s super high speed vertical and crossbows. Zach Weaver, broadhead designer at WASP Archery Products states “With the growth and expansion of higher speed bows, both in the vertical and crossbow market, typical broadheads may not hold up to the high-speed impacts, therefore the need for a super tough head that will fly true has never been more important.

Zach explains “The concept behind the Mortem was to provide the consumer with a superior broadhead that is fairly priced and readily available in the market that the dealer and Pro Shop can get behind and support without having to worry about dealing with the pricing issues normally found with products that are offered through distribution.

Available soon in stores nationwide, the Mortem is available in 100 grain and comes in a 3-pack ($32.99).

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