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TRUGLO, Inc. has developed a new arrow rest called the HYPER•STRIKE that answers the needs of bowhunters who demand reliability and no-nonsense performance in their shooting gear.

The HYPER•STRIKE is a dropaway-style rest that provides positive, robust support of the arrow to ensure the arrow is ready to launch in any hunting situation. The launcher presents a deep fork to keep the arrow in place even when shooting at extreme angles, and features an adjustable, wear-resistant launcher insert. To further promote arrow retention and ready deployment, the HYPER•STRIKE boasts a full-containment design to help keep the arrow in place.

Another benefit of the HYPER•STRIKE is the “click-up” launcher mechanism, which lets the shooter raise the launcher in the launch position prior to drawing the bow. This helps eliminate arrow movement within the rest and guarantees the arrow is properly seated for the draw.

Additionally, the HYPER•STRIKE includes independent windage and elevation adjustments and simplified setup thanks to a cable clamp that secures to the downard-traveling buss cable.

Available in dedicated right- or left-hand models, the HYPER•STRIKE is easy to install on any bow without conversion. The launcher mechanism is also completely sealed for smooth, reliable performance in any environment.

* Quiet, full-arrow containment
* Adjustable, wear-resistant launcher insert
* Includes spare launcher insert
* Attaches to downward-traveling buss cable
* Independent windage and elevation adjustments
* Cable clamp simplifies set-up 
* Patented technology
* NEW improved mechanism for consistent and reliable use
* Available in right- (TG670RB) or left-hand (TG670LB) models
* MSRP: $69.99

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