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New Script Followed | By Ken Piper

It's rare that a giant buck is taken out of the blue these days. Trail cameras have rewritten the script, but the stories are no less compelling. In fact, they often have a background or history that was lacking in giant deer tales of years past. It usually goes something like this: The hunter gets a trail camera ... READ MORE

Big Buck Tales

David Laster Buck
David Laster Buck

By Mike Handley

You might not find David Laster’s name on the speakers’ list at any deer hunting seminars, but don’t be surprised if you see the 28-pointer he shot last year hanging shoulder to shoulder with Mississippi’s finest whitetails. T... READ MORE

Jeff Newton Buck
Jeff Newton Buck

By Jill J. Easton

Jeff Newton’s Bunkie, La., home might still have a big bare spot on the wall if he hadn’t nurtured the 500 acres in Avoyelles Parish he and his brother bought when the Clintons left the White House. After nine years of looking for wall ar... READ MORE

Clifford Pickell Buck
Clifford Pickell Buck

By Buckmasters Online

In mid­-October, 1968, Wichita bowhunter Clifford Pickell took several shots at a gorgeous buck. Only one of his arrows hit it, high in the shoulder. Cliff crossed paths with the same buck in November. He was disappointed there was no opportunity fo... READ MORE

Scott Odenbrett Buck
Scott Odenbrett Buck

By Rusty Johnson

Try telling Ryan Odenbrett that life is fair. He wanted to go bowhunting on the cool gray afternoon of Oct. 20. He knew exactly which stand to visit, too. But the conflicted sophomore at Southern Missouri really needed every available hour to study ... READ MORE

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