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Growing Like a Weed

Growing Like a Weed

By Bob Humphrey

Left unchecked, weeds can take over your food plot.

QUESTION: I need a good herbicide to kill grass and broadleaf weeds in my clover. One of the big name brands has performed poorly. Is there anything else? — Larry L.

ANSWER: Without more detail, like what region of the country you live in, what type of plants you’re trying to eliminate and whether you plan to apply pre- or postemergence, it’s hard to be too specific.

To my knowledge, the most comprehensive guide appears in Craig Harper’s book, “A Guide to Successful Wildlife Food Plots.” Appendix 2 offers 12 pages of options including broad-spectrum herbicides like glyphosate (Roundup), post-emergence grass-selective herbicides, preplant, pre-emergence and post-emergence forb-selective herbicides and specialty herbicides for a range of conditions.

Appendix 3 also lists effectiveness of a range of herbicides. Among the most effective for grass weeds are Roundup, Select, Poast Plus, Bicep II Magnum, Prowl, and Treflan.

Tops for forb weeds are 2, 4-D and Harmony Extra. Harper also lists the most effective herbicide for specific plant species. You can get a copy through the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, the QDMA or online.

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