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Uh Oh!

Uh Oh!

By Bob Humphrey

So you got pictures of hogs on your property. Now what?

QUESTION: My hunting partners and I were working on some stands over the weekend, and we got this picture on one of our trail cameras. We have never had pigs on our ground before, and some of the guys are worried. This wasn’t the only picture, and we know for sure there is at least one large boar, one large sow and two other medium-size pigs in addition to the little footballs in the attached photo. The photo was taken on one of our favorite food plots that borders a creek, and we’re worried about how much damage the pigs are going to do once we plant the food plot. Do you think this is a problem, and if it is, can we do anything about it?

Uh Oh!ANSWER: As usual, it depends. How pronounced your porcine problem becomes will depend on things like the size, number and type of food plots you have, and just how many hogs are present.

There are few certainties, but one is that if you have some hogs now, you’ll soon have more. And If left un-checked, hogs can be devastating to your property, even on large areas; sometimes especially on large areas. I’ve seen acres of green fields that looked like they were run over by a dozer.

You might start with cameras and standard hunting procedures. If it turns out you have more hogs than you originally thought, or your efforts are not sufficient at eliminating/reducing hogs, you might consider trapping, or hiring a professional.

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