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By Katie Girling

Young bowhunter starts off the season in style!

Photo: Beau Girling, 8, took his first and second bucks Sept. 17, opening day of archery season in Taylor County, Florida.

The 2022 deer seasons are off to a hot start in several states, but few hunters have had as much success as Beau Girling, 8, of Woodville, Fla.

Beau took his first – and second – bucks on Sept. 17, opening day of archery season in Taylor County at the Three Rivers Hunt Club with his dad, Justin.

Beau and Justin started their season by climbing into a treestand before daylight. The morning was full of wind and not so much luck. They decided to get out of the stand after sitting for a few hours and went home to eat and attend a birthday party before heading back to the woods.

Double HeaderThey got back in the stand around 4:00, and Beau was ready. He had never shot a deer on his own but had been practicing regularly with the crossbow. But you can’t practice buck fever, so you never know how a hunt is going to unfold.

At 6:51, a 7-pointer walked in, and Beau took the shot. The deer mule-kicked and ran off out of sight. Beau was eager to get down to trail his first buck, but Justin told him to wait since there were deer all around. They recocked the crossbow and settled in once again.

Not long after, a handsome 8-pointer stepped out. Does were stomping and trying to warn the buck, but Beau steadied his crossbow and took the shot at 7:19. The 8-pointer almost fell to the ground but then jumped and ran the opposite direction of the previous buck. Both shots were at 23 yards.

After a long night recovering the deer, Beau was smiling ear to ear with two successful harvests and an unforgettable memory. What a way to harvest not only his first deer, but two bucks!

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