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Opening Day Duck

Opening Day Duck

By Roper Wilkes

Big South Carolina buck instead turns out to be a huge doe.

Hi, Smalltown Bucks fans! My wife Joan and I run 707 Deer Processing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and we thought you might be interested in seeing this deer.

Our friend, 18-year-old Bryan Williamson, harvested this massive 204-pound antlered doe on Sept. 2. Bryan comes from a die-hard hunting family that goes back many generations, and he hunts ducks, turkeys, doves and whitetails.

Joan handles all of our facebook posts and keeps the page fresh with all types of humor and pictures of local families participating in outdoors activities. We have a lot of followers, and I’m sure that helped this story grow so quickly. It certainly shows our hunting and fishing sports are alive and well.

WilliamsonBryan’s buck went viral instantly, and the post was being viewed at a rate of 1,000 per minute for awhile. It reached 1,000,000 within the first 24 hours and has since reached the 2,000,000 mark!

We took special care when skinning the deer for a full body mount and kept the reproductive organs. There were no male sex organs present inside or out. After describing the ovaries to Dr. Charles Ruth, he informed me the deer was probably getting ready to ovulate and would likely have conceived and given birth.

Antlered does are not super rare, but when you consider a large doe here goes about 160 pounds, it makes this deer pretty incredible. Dr. Ruth told me they saw a few does in the 170- and 180-pound range back in the ’70s, but nobody really keeps records of doe sizes.

WilliamsonAlso, the antlers are developed like a typical buck’s antlers and are quite large for South Carolina. We have not put a tape to this deer but plan to do so shortly.

We hope you have a great season, and God bless.

Congratulations to Bryan Williamson on this outstanding and unique ... doe!

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