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What’s for Yupper?

What’s for Yupper?

By Bob Humphrey

Some food plot staples are safe bets regardless of your location.

QUESTION: We just bought property in the upper peninsula of Michigan and would like to start a couple food plots. What type of mix would be good to start?

ANSWER: That’s a simple question with a complicated answer since so much depends on local conditions like slope, aspect, climate, soil conditions, plot size, available means and objectives. It also depends on whether your intent is forage plots (to feed deer throughout the year) or hunting plots (to attract them primarily in the fall).

Early in hunting season, deer are still seeking high-protein foods like clover and alfalfa. Clover is usually a good choice for smaller areas where you don’t have large planting equipment. If you have the time and means, you can plant annual clovers that grow quickly and provide a good yield. If you want to minimize labor and cost, perennial clovers may persist for several seasons.

Later in the fall, a deer’s diet shifts to foods high in carbohydrates. Then, brassicas are a good option, but they require annual planting. Winter wheat or winter rye represent a cost-effective option and persist well into the late season.

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