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Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise

By Bob Humphrey

Even small food plots can help deer through times of need.

QUESTION: I want to plant a summer food plot. I live in central Georgia. What is your recommendation for a half-acre?

ANSWER: It’s difficult to get too specific without more information, but I’ll offer a general suggestion or two.

Summer is a critical time for protein in a deer’s diet. Bucks are experiencing peak antler growth, while soon-to-be-born fawns place ever increasing nutritional demands on does. When the fawns are born and begin nursing is the single largest nutrient draw on the females in the herd.

Among the best protein sources are plants like clover, chicory and alfalfa. The latter is usually planted as a monoculture. Given the size of your plot, I’d suggest a blend of clover and chicory to accommodate for variability in soil moisture. I would also suggest at least part of the mix include perennial clover. That way it will persist and be present for next spring’s green-up.

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