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Wait, There’s More!

Wait, There’s More!

By Bob Humphrey

Don’t put away your scent-killing spray after hunting season. You might need it.

QUESTION: I knocked a lid off my doe-in-heat scent in my back seat of my truck. It just reactivates when I shampoo, as it will in the wild when it rains. Is there any way to get the smell out?

ANSWER: I’ve experienced a somewhat similar situation that actually ended up working in my favor. The cap fell of a bottle of Tink’s 69 in my hunting vest. That afternoon a buck came into the food plot directly downwind of me and instead of stopping to feed, walked straight to the base of my stand. I shot it.

You’re probably going to hate that you didn’t think of this, but the best solution is probably to spray the back seat liberally with the same scent killing solution you spray on your clothes before going hunting. It works great on dogs that have gotten sprayed by skunks, too.

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