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It’s All Good

It’s All Good

By Bob Humphrey

What’s beneficial to bucks is beneficial to does, too.

QUESTION: I hunt the western portion of northeast Kansas. I have noticed that we have some large bucks, but most of our does are small. Should I imply there is an overpopulation of does in my spot? I am unsure of the cause. I do not hang trail cameras because there are only four people who hunt within a half of a mile, and the area consists of wheat, beans and cornfields. What do you think? — Don M.

ANSWER: It would be very difficult to assess your particular situation without a lot more information. One of the biggest determining factors is food, and it sounds like there’s plenty of food in your area. If you have agricultural crops, there’s likely more than enough to go around. Additionally, bucks and does eat the same food, so if you have big bucks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have big does.

My suggestion would be to harvest a few does this season and weigh them. Next, compare average weights on your land to those of deer in surrounding areas. You should be able to get this information from a biologist at your state wildlife agency. I suspect you’ll find the does on your ground are similar to others in the area.

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