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Clicking Heels

Clicking Heels

By Greg Hicks

Forget Yellow Bricks. The Road Out of Oz is Paved With Palmettos and Often Under Water. There’s no place like home.” Dorothy said it in “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939. Louisiana’s Ricky Caldwell spoke those same words on the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge in 2012. Ricky was born and raised not far from what would ev...


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Mirage and Mayhem
Mirage and Mayhem

By Ed Waite

Lorain County rood-wad buck is No. 16 in a class filled with 200-inchers! It was as if the ground opened up and swallowed Kevin Fitch’s buck. One minute, it was on the receiving end of a shotgun slug (he hoped). The next, it was gone.... READ MORE

Shifting Priorities
Shifting Priorities

By Jill J. Easton

Iowa hunter glad he hesitated to collect freezer meat. Deer hunting has always been more of a social affair for Randy Cantonwine and his landowner pals, who relish the camaraderie of hunting as a group. They hunt as a team, together but sep... READ MORE

Peepless in Kansas
Peepless in Kansas

By Trevor Lumadue

The perfect hit doesn’t always leave the perfect trail. I returned from Iraq to Fort Riley, Kan., two years ago, just in time to buy a deer tag and jump into the second week of the 2009 archery season. I didn’t want to bumble in... READ MORE

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