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By Ed Waite

Buddies Carl Morris Jr. and Jeremy Martin were convinced that the bull of their woods was a photogenic 12-pointer with a gleaming white rack. Of the many deer their trail cameras photographed during the weeks leading up to Ohio’s 2011 season, the big 6x6 stood out like a Brahma in a goat pen. Understandably, that buck was at the top of their ...


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Curtain Call in Missouri
Curtain Call in Missouri

By Tim Lurk

Tim Lurk finally got the proverbial cigar when this 19-pointer came right to his lap on the final day of his 2011 bowhunt in northwestern Missouri. When my favorite time of year finally arrived in 2011, my dad, brother and I headed north of... READ MORE

Black Thursday
Black Thursday

By Travis Hogan

Colton Lowry’s 17-pointer from Norton County is the 30th largest Irregular felled by a rifleman in Kansas. The yard was like a parking lot, the farmer’s shop a veritable Wal-Mart on Black Friday. But it was the first Thursday in... READ MORE

Double Blessing
Double Blessing

By John W. Konkel

The first minute of my election-day 2012 hunt, and an 8-point buck was on the ground just 10 yards from me! A neck shot had dropped it, and for a freezer hunter like me, this was a pretty nice buck. Little did I know, however, that this bas... READ MORE

Copyright 2017 by Buckmasters, Ltd.

Copyright 2017 by Buckmasters, Ltd