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Rattling Basics

Rattling Basics

By Ken Piper

Try to imitate buck behavior for that particular time of the season.

If you read hunting magazines and watch hunting shows on TV, chances are you’ve seen conflicting advice about the right way to rattle for bucks. Some writers will tell you to make a major commotion, while others advise a light tickling of tines. So which is right? Answer: Whichever way works on a given day.

The time of year has a lot to do with how bucks respond, as does the mood of a buck on a particular day. Always consider what the bucks are doing at that time, and try to imitate their behavior. If they’re still in bachelor groups and just lightly sparring now and then, keep your rattling light. If the rut is approaching and the bucks are fighting for dominance, give the impression of a real fight.

Either way, it’s a good idea to start out soft and then get more aggressive.

Remember that rattling works best in a deer herd where bucks have to compete for the right to breed. In areas with on overabundance of does compared to bucks, rattling will probably scare off more deer than it will attract.

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