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Fishing for Bucks

Fishing for Bucks

By Ken Piper

Think like an angler when looking for deer on a new tract of land.

Because a majority of deer hunters spend at least some time fishing, we’d like to point out that fishing skills can come in handy in the deer woods, too.

One of the first things bass fishermen learn is to look for underwater structure – changes in the lake bottom that dictate fish movement. The next thing fishermen look for is good cover – items on the structure that hold and concentrate fish.

Deer relate to structure and cover the same way fish do. Just as fishermen are taught to look for points, humps, holes, changes in depth and underwater creek beds (structure), hunters should look for points, funnels, sheltered depressions, ridge lines and creek beds, too.

Just as fishermen then key in on stump fields, rocks and docks (cover), deer hunters should look for preferred deer cover and food sources for likely stand locations.

Sometimes we tend to look at a tract of land and feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to start looking for deer. If you think like a fisherman, you just might “catch” a buck.

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd