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A Different Kind of Resolution

A Different Kind of Resolution

By Diane Mormando and Tim H. Martin

Photo: Appreciating every moment in the deer stand and reflecting upon blessings is a New Year’s resolution every hunter should practice.

This New Year, my hunting resolution is to appreciate my precious time in the woods. Hunting is not just about taking a big deer; it’s a special time to look inside your soul and enjoy life. – Diane Mormando

– Editor's Note by Tim H. Martin

I am inspired by Diane Mormando's advice. Her resolution is just as important as Buckmasters’ how-to tips, and her words ring true this time of year.

Nothing takes the zeal out of hunting like the self-imposed pressure to succeed. Too often, I get caught up in the mission of putting meat in the freezer and taking bucks worthy of my trophy room.

The longer I go without scoring venison and antlers, the more clouded the bigger picture becomes. Occasionally, I have to remind myself why I hunt in the first place: to commune with God, enjoy the fellowship of others, observe animals in the great outdoors and experience things non-hunters cannot possibly understand.

As a goal-oriented hunter, I believe there’s nothing wrong with striving to achieve great things. But if you’re falling short of your goals and hunting is no longer fun, it’s time to reevaluate.

With four decades of hunting perspective, I’ve learned to appreciate each moment I’ve been given in the woods, even the days when the deer are no-shows. If you’ve ever been around someone with serious health issues, you know what I’m talking about — every day is a gift.

So, as you sit in a stand this upcoming year, or climb into a tractor to disc food plots, or hang treestands, or check trail cams, or whatever your outdoor endeavor might be, forget about deer for a moment and reflect upon things that make hunting fun.

It might simply be counting your blessings, remembering events from years gone by, taking a deep breath away from job stress, or doing as Diane Mormando’s tip suggests: looking inside your soul and enjoying this precious time.

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