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During the Crunch, Pack a Lunch

During the Crunch, Pack a Lunch

By J. Dement

Public land can be one of the most challenging places to hunt white-tailed deer. The same can be said about heavily hunted places with a high deer-hunter-to-deer ratio.

I have been hunting on public land since 1975, and I have learned a thing or two about both deer and deer hunters.

The first thing I learned is when deer hunters get cold, they get impatient, then they get hungry, and then they get down.

The second thing I learned is that deer will get pushed past me because deer hunters get cold, impatient and hungry.

This usually happens mid-morning, about an hour or two before lunch.

The average hunter is not willing to stick it out and stay on the stand on all day, even on those magic days during the rut when deer willingly move in broad daylight.

By packing a lunch and staying in the stand through the noon hours, I have filled my freezers with venison over the past 43 years.

When the late morning lull seemingly begins, I start to get excited, because I know hunters will be headed back to their vehicles, blood trailing, retrieving dead deer and creating movement in the surrounding area.

As hunters spook deer into retreat mode, you’ll catch a lot of deer movement, including mature bucks you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Another thing to consider is when hunters return to their stands about three hours before dark, it’s good time to already be in your stand as the deer are again being pushed past. 

By bringing a lunch, snacks, drinking water and a urine bottle, I am prepared to be there for the duration.

If you hunt on public land or a place with high hunting pressure during crunch time, I highly recommend bringing a lunch and letting the other hunters bring the deer to you.

–Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

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