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Extra Water Bottles

Extra Water Bottles

By Bob Buckalew

It might make my backpack weigh a little more, but I have always liked to carry extra bottles of water with me while hunting and scouting.

Of course, the main reason is to have something to drink and stay hydrated, but there are also other uses for the bottled water and empties.

After field dressing a deer, an extra bottle or two is handy for washing blood off my knife and keeping smelly hands to a minimum until I can get back to my house and a bar of soap.

When riding an ATV in sloppy conditions, you’ll need extra water for wiping mud from your gun or boots, too.

I also like to keep an empty bottle for going No. 1, should the occasion arise while I’m still in the treestand. You can simply screw the cap back on and dump the contents when you are out of your hunting area.

Empty water bottles are also useful for collecting and discarding small trash items, such as candy and gum wrappers, tissues and cigarette butts.

Of course, if you are a tobacco chewer or snuff dipper, you probably already know all about keeping an extra bottle handy!

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd