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By Krissy Jean Marrall

As a female who has been hunting since 1995, I've found that setting reasonable goals prior to each season has helped me develop my passion for hunting over the years.

Looking back, if someone had told me to make shooting a monster buck my biggest pre-season goal, I would have become disenchanted with hunting before my career even got off the ground.

I’m glad I took baby steps with my goals to better learn this sport as a long-term endeavor, especially early on when it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

As I’ve grown as a hunter, my goals are still obtainable, but now those goals involve experimenting with deer hunting tactics that look interesting.

It's often something neat I've seen on TV, read about or have been taught by experienced hunters whom I admire.

One of my very first goals, of course, was to shoot my first deer — any legal deer. The next season, it was to field-dress and skin a deer all by myself.

Within a few seasons, my goals graduated to building my own ground blind, as well as hunting all day, dark till dark.

Eventually, I added mock scrapes, scents, different type calls, rattling and using a deer decoy.

Of course, I'm always hoping for big antlers, too!

I will take a wallhanger from time to time, but they've never been my primary goal.

Set your goals with the big picture in mind, and your passion for and knowledge of the sport will grow.

When teaching a newcomer about pre-season planning, make it about having fun, enjoying fellowship with other hunters, but above all, rejoicing in God’s creation.

The trophies will come later.

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— Photo Courtesy of Krissy Jean Marrall

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