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Easy Turkey Decoy (and Other Gear) Repair

Easy Turkey Decoy (and Other Gear) Repair

By Buckmasters Life Member Jim Harkless

Turkey decoys take a lot of abuse. After several years of folding mine and stuffing them into my backpack, the seams on the undersides have begun to split and separate.

This seems to be fairly common with inflatable, foam and rubber decoys. The splitting usually occurs around the area where the stakes go into place. But the busted seam will eventually prevent the stake from holding up the decoy properly.

Many turkey hunters will simply retire their decoys when they reach this stage or, worse, throw them in the garbage.

I decided to try something that could seal up the split bellies and salvage my aging decoys.

By punching or poking holes on either side of the seam, you can run plastic zip ties through the holes, pull them tight and close the split.

Clip off the excess plastic with scissors and you are good to go.

Now, I can get a few more years out of my decoys. As much as new decoys cost, I’d rather save that money for other hunting equipment!

— Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

Thank you, Jim Harkless, Buckmasters Life Member of Corsica, Pennsylvania. What a cost-saving tip!
Your repair tip gave me an idea, and I was able to close the holes in my wire fish basket. No more disappearing bass! Not only that, but I was also able to reattach my son’s basketball net to the rim by zipping it back where the net-connecting rings had broken off.

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— Photo Courtesy of Jim Harkless

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