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Push Gutting Rabbits (Knifeless Field Dressing)

Push Gutting Rabbits (Knifeless Field Dressing)

By Ray Blaker

Now that deer season has ended and we (hopefully) have freezers full of venison, hunters in many areas turn their attention to small game.

Rabbit season is going full bore in several states, so here’s an amazing tip on how to gut and skin a cottontail without using a knife.

This innards-removal process only takes about 10 seconds, and with a little practice, the entire process, including skinning, can be done in about 30 seconds. Wow!

After Ray Blaker sent us this tip, I vowed to never clean rabbits the old fashioned way again.

For videos with detailed visual instructions, search “Push Gut Rabbit” in Google and YouTube.

— Buckmasters Tip Editor Tim H. Martin

Field Dress Rabbits without a Knife
— Tip by Ray Blaker

When you’ve shot or snared a rabbit, here’s a quick and easy method of dressing it.

Rabbits will sour surprisingly fast, so do this as soon as possible after harvest — preferably before the bunny has had time to cool.

Hang the fresh rabbit (belly-up) over your thigh, allowing gravity to pull the guts toward the butt.

Wrap your hands around the rabbit’s body, just below the sternum. Squeeze tightly above the innards, gradually working them toward the rabbit’s rear end.

You’ll see the bulge move easily toward the rectum, and the guts will compress into a ball as it nears the rear opening.

Now give the rabbit one final squeeze and the entrails will pop right out of the rabbit’s rear end.

After a few tries, you will be able to do this in about 10 seconds!

The skinning process is also a breeze, and it can be done without a knife, although a blade makes removing the head and feet a little easier.

Remove the rabbit’s head, either with an axe, a knife, or simply twist it off.

Now, tear or cut a side-to-side incision in the skin on the back, in the center of the rabbit’s body. Insert your fingers and pull the hide in opposing directions. The skin will peel away like a jacket. Rabbit hide is so tender, it can even be shucked without a knife.

Now, snap off the feet, and it’s ready to cook or rinse and freeze.

This push gutting method is less messy and much easier than gutting with a knife. And, when you get on a roll, you can gut and skin rabbits in about 30 seconds each!

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