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The Apex Predator = You

The Apex Predator = You

By Jeffrey Steigelmann

Have you ever been scouting in a large area that holds lots of deer sign and come across a tree that just felt right?

You might have found this place among a confusing maze of crisscrossing game trails, giving you multiple choices for seemingly good places to locate your treestand.

Still, there was just something about that one place you sensed above the others. Often, you can’t even put a finger on it.

I have found this is a built-in instinct that should not be overlooked. Trust it.

I’m not saying to ignore good sign and locations that are obviously good ambush points. What I’m saying is listen to that inner voice, and use your instincts when choosing places to hunt, especially in areas where one place looks just as good as another.

Couple this instinct with knowledge, proper gear and shooting skills and you’ll increase your chances of taking white-tailed deer.

Also, do everything you can to understand the animal you are hunting: read, read, read!

After you’ve done all the normal work hunters do, trust your instinct. This has helped me find myself within shooting range of many a nice buck.

— Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

I’ve written about it before, and will likely write about it again.

The God-given instincts humans possess from countless millennia of hunting have not evaporated since the dawn of the butcher shop, nor disappeared since the recent advent of animal rights groups. Even the staunchest vegan has them.

Jeffrey Steigelmann’s tip is what I consider the soundest advice one hunter can give another hunter.

Realize YOU are the apex predator of all apex predators with the built-in instincts of such. Tap into those senses and the results will put more meat in your freezer.

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Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd