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Bowhunter’s Arm Fatigue

Bowhunter’s Arm Fatigue

By Tim Bregenzer

Photo: Buckmasters fan Tim Bregenzer shares his tip for reducing archer’s arm fatigue. A simple accessory helps him make better shots on bucks like this tall-tined Illinois 10-pointer.

Many years ago, I started wearing an accessory belt over the outside layer of my hunting clothes. On this belt, I added a piece of gear I hope Buckmasters fans and bowhunters might find useful.

We all know how tired your arms can get when deer take a long time coming into range. When they are grazing slowly, sometimes it takes an eternity from the time you spot them until the time they finally feed into bow range.

Holding your bow in preparation for a shot can fatigue your arms, shoulders and back in no time.

Adding the bow holster to my accessory belt has proven to be valuable while the wait is on.

I prefer to stand as soon as I see a deer, and have my bow in hand as early as possible. The holster allows me to rest as long as possible and still hold my bow. All I have to do is remove the cam from the holster and draw.

Because my arms weren’t fatigued, I’m confident the holster helped me make better, more accurate shots, and take more game.

— Editor’s Note by Tim H. Martin

Arm fatigue is a big a culprit in poor shooting, and the bow holster has helped many bowhunters at the moment of truth.

However, I would like to add a word of warning.

Years ago, while filming a whitetail hunt, a former member of the Buckmasters TV team was using a new holster and forgot to remove the bow’s lower cam from the pouch before drawing on a buck.

When it came time to shoot, he couldn’t budge the string. This was a very strong guy, and he only pulled harder since he’d forgotten all about the holster. The pressure became so great that his right shoulder pulled completely out of socket!

The camera crew spent the next hour trying to get him out of the tree and to a hospital.

I tell this cautionary tale to encourage you to practice removing your bow from the holster. Make that part of your routine at the archery range and this important step will become second nature in hunting situations.

— Photo Courtesy of Tim Bregenzer

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