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No Knife Sharpener, No Problem!

No Knife Sharpener, No Problem!

By Karl Bechtel

Whether you are filleting fish or field dressing a deer, there are times you need to touch up the edge of a knife in the field but there simply isn't a sharpener on hand.

I've found a great way to touch up the edge of a knife in almost any situation.

Next time you realize you have a dull edge and your sharpener is at home, roll down your truck or car window and use the rough, ground edge of the glass to sharpen your knife.

There's enough rough texture on the edge of most vehicle windows to whet a knife edge, so long as the knife isn't too dull.

Be careful not to bear down too hard and possibly break your window while swiping the blade across the glass.

You really don't need that much pressure.

This works particularly well on fillet knives or a hunting knife that just needs a touch up. Don't be surprised if you gain razor sharpness.

I hope my tip will help you the next time you are in the field and simply need to finish a skinning job. It could help you get by until you can hone your knife blade with proper knife sharpening tools.

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