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Thanks, Grandpa

Thanks, Grandpa

By Julie Loy

Borrowed stand produces first buck for young hunter.

Nate, 7 years old, went out this crisp Missouri morning for his first youth deer hunt. He had been practicing at targets and had sat with mom and dad during previous seasons, so he was ready!

After calling Great Grandpa Charlie to ask permission, he decided to hunt his stand. Nate and his dad, Dan, headed out to the stand before daybreak. They were watching a couple does when they spotted a buck behind them. It was hot on another doe that was in the food plot.

Nate got ready and waited until the buck presented a standing shot, then Bam! It was a perfect shot, and the buck ran just 30 yards before piling up. That’s when the adrenaline kicked in!

What an experience for this young hunter – and yes, we were pretty excited too. This 9-pointer was Nate’s first deer and it field dressed at 160 pounds.

Congrats, little buddy! We are so proud of you.

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